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How to Move Your Plants Safely

Move Your Plants SafelySo you are getting ready to move.  Have you given any thought to how you will move your plants safely from your current home to your new place?  Unfortunately, professional movers can’t move live plants for you.  Many people don’t actually consider the well-being of their plants prior to relocating so we’ve put together a list of the best ways to keep your plants safe during a move.

  1. Trim or prune your plants a week or two before moving.
  2. A few days before you move, put your plants inside a large plastic bag with a bug strip stuck inside.  Seal the bag and leave in a cool spot overnight.  This allows the pest strip to catch any bugs you don’t want moving with you.
  3. A day before the move, place your plants in a large but sturdy cardboard box.  Secure the plants by stuffing damp newspaper between the pots.
  4. Protect the leaves by surrounding them with paper to cushion them during the move.  Put moist newspaper on top of that.
  5. Clearly label the boxes so that the movers do not place them in the moving truck.  Or, instruct them not to touch those packages.  Consider the darkness as a death sentence to your prize winning lilly.
  6. The day you move, close the boxes up and cut some ventilation holes in them.
  7. When traveling with your packed plants, be sure to park your car in a shady area during warmer months and sunny areas during colder months.

Always remember to handle your plants as carefully as possible during a move.  Following these tips will help ensure that your plants make it to your new home safely and beautifully.

– Lance Grooms

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