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Sometimes you just find yourself out of space. Bekins Moving Solutions offers safe and secure household storage options. Whether you need storage options in the short term or long term, we are happy to assist you. All our warehouses are secured 24 hours a day and fully equipped with updated fire and theft protection. There are several storage options including vault, pallet, cage, and rack storage options for your belongings. We know that trust is paramount when it comes to household storage. You can rest assured that Bekins Moving Solutions is a trusted name in the moving and storage industry. If you would like more information regarding our household storage service along with pricing, call our office today.

Bekins Moving Solutions has been working in the residential moving and storage industry for years now. The reason we have been able to remain in business for so long is because of how we treat our customers, most of whom are families looking to make their relocation a little easier on the entire family. A move is a crazy time, especially with children in tow. That is why all of our residential moving services have been designed around making your life easier and less cumbersome.

We are currently able to offer local, national, and international moves for the entire family. In terms of storage, we have facilities available to host your entire household, should that be required. Additionally, when it comes to relocation, our professional movers handle all of the heavy lifting and will be on time when a quick delivery to the new home is required. We even offer packing supplies that are easy to use. Even kids can pack their items safely!



Frequently asked questions

Will my items be insured if my shipment goes into storage at a moving company’s facility?

We here at Bekins Moving Solutions do not offer insurance for your goods while in our storage facilities. Instead, we currently have valuation protection. There is a major difference between valuation protection and insurance. Valuation protection will offer the ability to recoup any losses that were caused by the movers. In this instance, the movers would be legally liable for the items under our valuation coverage. We have a range of coverage options that span from $0.60 per pound to complete coverage for any damages that occur during the move. Customers are free to choose the plan that suits their needs best.

This is completely different from insurance, which covers liability and accidents that may occur during the move. Do not fret, though, as our storage facilities are completely safe and secure. Each unit has been designed to protect all of your goods.

How long will moving and storage take to pack my goods?

The answer to such a question is not quite as simple as “one hour” or “two hours.” There are a number of factors that will play into the length of time it takes to move and pack all of the items in your old home. The biggest factor, of course, is exactly how many items you intend to relocate along with you and your family. Another factor will be the size of the items. Obviously, moving a couch or an entire dresser will take longer than a few boxes of household items that were already carefully packed and prepared.

Our professional movers work quickly and efficiently to ensure the time it does take to move and store all of your items is cut down to be as quick as possible. In some cases, it could take just a few hours to successfully pack all of your items for transportation.

Can I access my container while my items are in storage?

Our storage facility has been designed with you, the customer, in mind at all times. Each unit was built to store all of your items with ease and in relative comfort, allowing for safe keeping and security. To this end, you will absolutely have access to everything you put into storage with our moving company. Our storage units do abide by regular working hours during the weekdays, however, so keep that in mind when coming to access your container of goods in storage.

If you would like to remove or add anything to storage, call the storage facility ahead of time to ensure you can easily access everything you need to without any extra hassle along the way. It is better to be prepared ahead of time, we always like to say.


Affordable Storage

Options for Your Household Storage Needs

Bekins Moving Solutions strives always to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. When it comes to quality of service, honesty, and value, our household storage services take the cake! Our straightforward pricing makes monthly budgeting a snap. We know that managing a household can be complicated and chaotic at times. Let Bekins Moving Solutions give you a bit more space to work with. We can even help you prep and move any heavy items out of your home and into our household storage warehouse.

If you would like more information about our household storage services, Contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Call 877-610-9977 today for more information.


A Bekins Moving Solutions agent will be e-mailing you a quote in 24 hours or less