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Furnishing your first college apartment

Furnishing your first college apartmentIf you are a college student, you are probably living on a budget; however, this does not mean that you cannot furnish your first college apartment in a creative and cool way.  Here are three great tips for furnishing your first apartment without breaking the bank.

  • Make a list. Before you actually move into an apartment, you should make a list of all the things you think you will need.  The list should have two columns – one for the essentials and the other for things you might like to have.  Use your judgment and common sense.
  • Free stuff is good. If you have friends or family members that want to give you stuff for free, take it!  The hand-me-downs may not match everything or be your favorite style, but not having to pay for things like placemats, a sofa or kitchen table will save you a lot of money.  Plus, there are things you can do to personalize these freebies.
  • Have a housewarming party and register! Even though you probably will not own your first apartment, it does not hurt to have a housewarming party right after you move in.  For your first apartment, go ahead and register at your favorite stores – keep everything relatively inexpensive and you will be surprised at what you can get!  This way, it will be exactly what you like and will fit your style.

Just remember, moving into your first apartment is an exciting time – but you still have to furnish it!  Keep these tips in mind and stop yourself from going broke!

Jon Huser

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