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Finding the Best Storage Location For Your Needs

Find a Storage Facility near you.Do you need to find a storage facility to keep your belongings while you move or are between homes?  It may seem like there are a ton of full-service storage facilities and warehouses to choose from, so how do you actually find the best location for your needs?  It isn’t as hard as you may think.  Just consider these factors when searching:

  • How close is the storage warehouse to your new or current home?  How often will you need to visit the storage center?  If frequently, you may want it to be close to your office or home.
  • Is the neighborhood safe?  You wouldn’t want to invest in a storage facility situated in a neighborhood with high crime rates.
  • What type of security is offered at the storage premises?
  • Might you need additional storage space in the future?  If the storage facility is located near a college campus, apartment complex, or military base, you may find it difficult to get an extra unit.
  • What is your budget?  Storage facilities in the suburbs are often less expensive than those in the city.
  • Is there good lighting?  Good lighting will deter criminal activity but it will also be helpful should you need to access your unit at night.
  • How clean is the facility?  Messy storage facilities may have pest problems.
  • What’s the customer service like?  If you can’t get questions answered or help from the people working there, you may not want to store your stuff at that facility.

Jon Huser

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