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Father’s Day is coming: time to gear up for gifts

Father’s Day is coming: time to gear up for giftsFather’s Day may not get the same attention as Mother’s Day in the media or sales, but it is a very important holiday for families.  This year, if you had to move to a new town, you might want to consider what dad needs because of something he had to leave behind.  Grills are something that soon become old and getting a new grill on Father’s Day is one of the most perfect gifts.  The fact that Father’s Day is in June, which is synonymous with grilling and parties in the backyard, means that you might have the perfect gift if you get a new grill or grill accessories for your father this year.  After a long distance move, getting your father new accessories for his grilling enjoyment is certainly a great option.

You could take this opportunity to travel on Father’s Day.  Perhaps you and your spouse are planning a move and have yet to narrow down the where.  Taking this wonderful Sunday to look around potential new homes or going on a trip for that potential long distance move would be worthwhile as a Father’s Day gift.  Perhaps you have even discussed retiring to someplace like Florida or Arizona.  Father’s Day is the perfect weekend or Sunday to look at these potential retirement locations.  Who knows, you might even find a condo or second home that you can retire to in a year or three on your Father’s Day trip.

Jon Huser

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