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Extension sought for US base lease

Extension sought for US base leaseThere are a lot of decisions to be made with regard to the Middle East and the issues occurring over there.  The US feels the need to extend the US base lease in Kyrgzstan, and there is also the hope of relocating the offices from Afghanistan to back home.  If the military move does not occur, US troops will remain in Afghanistan for the present.  The US is certainly asking for the lease to be extended, but officials in the country wish for the lease to end.

There is also another agreement that is a part of the military moving talks.  There is an agreement that the military forces must go through Manas until July 2014 as the transit hub.  The current talks are meant to provide the groundwork for the transit hub talks that are next on the agenda.

US officials are opting to keep some American defenses in Afghanistan. If this does occur, it means that they will need the hub to be extended.  The families of those over in Afghanistan are probably hoping their loved ones will be able to take a break and move back home.  It is no surprise that the US military does move troops in and out of the country, giving troops home side relief from their tour.  It is a constant cycle of moving troops in and out to allow those at the end of their tours to go home and allow others a break to see their family stateside.

Rick Wozniak

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