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Easter Sunday in a quiet retirement community

Easter Sunday in a quiet retirement communityLos Angeles is a place for the young when it comes to Easter Sunday.  With the temperatures on the rise for the weekend there is a plan for at least 300,000 people to be at local beaches in Los Angeles.  Choosing a large place such as this for retirement may actually detract from your comfortable living arrangements.  It is true that there are several places in the US that tend to be popular with retirement communities.  Any area that is warmer tends to be a place that most people want to retire to, especially if they have lived in a place with harsh winters.

If you want to relocate to a new home for retirement, you might want to consider places outside of Los Angeles, but perhaps somewhere in California.  Monterey is a smaller community with plenty of beaches to enjoy.  Santa Cruz or further up the northern coast of California could be your answer if you prefer the warm weather, golf and beaches.  If you were to move to California right now housing prices would be more reasonable than they have been in years due to the struggles of the economy in the last few years.  With plenty of foreclosures on the market along with second homes, consider relocation to an area of California and stop by the kids’ place in Los Angeles for Easter Sunday.  You could also have your kids and grandkids come to visit you where they will not have to deal with 300,000 beachgoers.


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