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Don’t Trash it – Recycle it!

recycle, don't trash itAre you going green like everyone else these days?  If so, you’ll likely enjoy our next couple of posts about how to get rid of certain household items during the relocation process.  Moving can be a great excuse for cleaning out your closets and getting rid of all that extra stuff.  But, before you throw everything into the trash, you should know that plenty of your stuff might actually be recyclable.

  • Aerosol Cans – These can actually be recycled with other cans.  Just remove the plastic caps and empty the can completely.
  • Batteries – Many recycling centers will accept regular household batteries while many electronic stores will accept reusable batteries.
  • Books – If you have hardcover books, try donating them to your local library before you move.  If you can’t do that, remove the hard binding and recycled the pages.  Paperbacks may be recycled right along with magazines and newspapers.
  • Cell Phones – Before you move, get rid of all those old cell phones lying around.  You can do that at most electronics stores.  You can also check out different recyclers online.
  • Computers – Don’t throw your computers away.  Often, the same organizations that accept cell phones will also accept computers.  Many office supply stores accept computers.  If they are in working order, why not donate them before you move away.
  • CDs, DVDs, Discs, and Jewel Cases – These items are hard to recycle, but it is possible.  Many online retailers offer trade in programs for music and movies.  But, you can also find e-waste recyclers and send these items in.

Just remember, if you are getting ready to move, there is no need to take all that junk with you.  But don’t throw it in the trash if it is something that can be recycled!  Watch our blog in the coming weeks to see more tips and tricks about how to recycle certain household items.

– Katie Steil

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