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Documenting your move

Documenting your moveRelocation can be a time to remember the old home, the new home, and all of the friends or families that helped you.  Documenting your move might be something you are interested in.

Taking pictures during the packing process can be fun, especially if you have children.  It captures the memories of the events and helps you to remember some of your older memories, such as when you first moved into that home.  If you are going to undergo a long distance move, taking pictures can be even more fun.  You have the entire drive to record memories.  Any of the stops you make along the way during your long distance move can be recorded.  Taking pictures as you go out of the drive of your old home is yet another memory to record, and also of when you arrive at the new home.

As you take pictures of your new home, you can record all of the work you have done to set it up.  If you decided to change the décor from your old home, you can record the new look as it evolves.  You might even want to make it a slide show for your computer.  It shows the entire process of the relocation.  It might help you relieve some of your anxiety too, since you are able to record your memories and even your thoughts.  Pictures can also be a way to record items you have not logged in your inventory list yet.  For instance, if you have over 100 books you might want to take pictures to make certain you have not lost any during the move.

Jon Huser

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