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Dealing with Box Inventory and Labels

Man carrying fragile boxesLet’s face it; even if you consider yourself to be super-organized, the packing and organizing that goes along with moving can be quite overwhelming.  In order to have a successful, stress-free move, you really need to have your entire house organized and packed in a strategic method.

Packing and unpacking are integral aspects of making it through relocation with your sanity.  Hiring a professional mover to do the packing is always an option.  Sometimes tight budgets need to be considered and DIY (Do it yourself) packing is necessary.  So, how do you deal with box inventory and labels effectively?  We’ve put together this list of tips to help keep you from losing your mind:

  • Use a thick, dark marker to label your boxes.  This way, you will be able to see the label from a distance.
  • Label your boxes on the widest sides so that you can see it from multiple angles no matter how the boxes are stacked when you unload the truck.
  • Mark your boxes with not only the intended room but also which box.  For example, Bathroom-3 for third box for the bathroom.
  • Indicate any “open first” boxes.
  • Clearly mark “fragile” when needed.
  • Identify the contents to make unpacking easier.  For example, writing something like, “Bathroom-3, Medicine Cabinet” will help you know where the contents belong.
  • Keep an inventory of all your boxes and track them when they arrive and are unpacked by the movers.
  • Stack all boxes with the labels facing out so that you can easily spot and identify the boxes.
  • If you had anything in storage, be sure to make a list so you don’t mistake anything for being lost.

– Jon Huser

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