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Dark Knight Rises highly popular

Dark Knight Rises highly popularBatman will return to the screen yet again in the third and final installment of the Dark Knight series.  This time the film is called the Dark Knight Rises.  A new trailer has been released this week, which seems to have gone viral, showing Christian Bale reprising his Batman role for this last installment.  According to the video release there are hidden messages that fans need to search for and they are doing so with an alacrity that is rather surprising.  The full trailer has to be unlocked by finding the messages, which is why many fans have sought to find the hidden messages.

The Dark Knight Rises has helped Christian Bale make a big name for himself in Hollywood, although his good looks and acting as a teen also helped him to become a top star.  His role as Batman has certainly been one of the better ones, perhaps because he is so handsome and in great shape.

Many are looking forward to the summer release of the third installment; so much so that when tickets finally go on sale at the box office there is every chance that the midnight showing will be sold out in places like New York City, Los Angeles and other big cities.  The studios are expecting to make quite a bit on this last movie, but reviews have yet to be released regarding the movie and whether it will live up to everyone’s expectations as the final installment for the Dark Knight.


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