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CIA and military foil plan

CIA and military foil planThe CIA has announced that a plot to use a US-bound airliner for another bombing was stopped in 2009.  An al-Qaida plot was uncovered with a plan in Yemen.  The report states that officials were able to stop the plot even though the bomb was a new design of underwear bomb.  The bomb failed to detonate and was found before any airline was at risk.  It was also announced that no allies or Americans were in harm’s way because the plot was stopped before it could really get off the ground.

The device is being analyzed, according to the report.  The instructions given to the suicide bomber are also being looked at; the bomber was told to buy a ticket for any airline he wanted and then determine when to detonate the bomb.  US intelligence officials stated that the bomb maker, who posed the most dangerous threat, was Ibrahim al-Asiri.

Asiri is still at large. He designed the first bomb in 2009, with improvements made just recently. The new bomb has created a bit of a stir for the military.  Right now most military personnel are getting ready for their military move to new bases, which often happens over the summer; however, some are on standby as the new plot is examined by intelligence officials.  Officials are making certain that there are no remnants of the plot and that no other threats are out there in terms of airline bombs.

Jon Huser

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