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Children and New Homes

Helping daughter pack toysGenerally speaking, children normally adapt well to new surroundings, but there are a few points to consider that could make your life a whole lot easier when moving to a new home. The basics typically include communication, reassurance and helping your children become involved in the relocation process, but without overwhelming them. However, there are a few more specific actions you can carry out to further smooth over the process:

Talk to your kids about moving. Explain what the new house will be like and what they can expect.  Don’t try to keep anything a secret.

  1. Comfort your children. They will very easily pick up on your frustration, which inevitably occurs during relocation, so just be honest.  Youngsters will quickly see through a lie, so just let them know that even though you’re a little busy at the moment, things will calm down soon and that they shouldn’t worry.
  2. Let them help! Give them a pen and let them label all of their own boxes. If you’re okay with it, let them organize their room or pack their own toys.
  3. Make it fun.  If you have smaller kids, pick up a children’s book or two about moving day.
  4. If you can, let the kids pick their own rooms in the new house.
  5. Let your children help decorate their new room.
  6. If your kids have special utensils or dishes, make sure to pack them in the “open first” box so that they have something familiar on the first day.
  7. Unpack the kids’ room first so that they feel at home as soon as possible.

– Lance Grooms

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