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Category: Packing

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5 Best Practices When Packing Your Valuables

There are very few things worse than opening up a box of valuables, only to find that everything is broken. Unfortunately, the fragility of your items and the process of moving isn’t a flawless combination for the majority of people. The good news is all you need are the secret tips to properly packing your … Continued

10 Tips to Make Packing your Belongings a Breeze

Packing your entire life into a couple of boxes can be a daunting task. It’s a harsh reality for most people as they look around their household, realizing just how many things need to be squeezed into boxes, then into a moving truck and then, possibly, into a storage unit. Most people are left confused, … Continued

Efficiently Unpack your New Home

There’s no better time to sharpen up on your efficiency skills! Moving day is right around the corner, and it’s going to be exhausting, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. Without the help of movers, it’s all on you; all of the packing, lifting loading and unloading. Needless to say, moving day … Continued

The Best Way to Pack Dishes Before a Move

There’s nothing worse than hearing a crash on moving day. After all, moving can be a difficult task and the last thing you want to do is replace all of your breakables once you’ve finally unpacked the broken pieces. Fortunately, you can move into your new home without breaking even one dish. You just need … Continued

How to Wrap Leather Furniture for Moving and Storage

Leather is one of the most expensive and most comfortable materials used for household furniture. More often than not, people cherish their leather pieces more than any other type of furniture in their home. When you are preparing for a move or preparing to put leather furniture into storage, it is crucial you protect it … Continued

How to Move Your Fridge

When you are moving, you have a choice to either move your kitchen appliances with you or leave them behind. While many people want to bring appliances along with them, it may be stressful to think about packing and loading something as large and cumbersome as a fridge. However, Bekins Moving Solutions knows that preparation … Continued

Things You Didn’t Know About Bubble Wrap

Whether you are young or old, the opportunity to play around with a sheet of bubble wrap – popping those little air pockets endlessly – is one tiny aspect of moving house that people have come to love. Did you know that bubble wrap has been around for far longer than most would actually believe, … Continued

Unpacking in Your New Home – A Few Tips

Upon arriving at your brand new home, following a not so insignificant move across the country or state, the simple idea of unpacking everything that was loaded into boxes the day before can appear quite daunting and downright scary. You took your sweet time to load everything into boxes, wrap the items in bubble wrap, … Continued

Packing Your Comic Books for Moving Day

Comic books are part of our culture. We idolize the heroes and heroines that save the day. But when you have to pack and move your comic books, your movers become your superheroes. The people who collect comic books do so because these items have sentimental and monetary value. Not to mention, they are really … Continued

Custom Crating 101

When you have an item that requires custom crating, you need more assurance that your valuables will be protected adequately. Custom crating consists of a lot more than just simply packing the item in a box, taping it down and calling it a day. You need a company that has the experience, knowledge, and understanding … Continued