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Category: Office Moving

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Successful Office Moves and Delegating Tasks To The Team

Preparing your employees for an office relocation is the first step to a successful move. This allows them to be fully aware of any necessary tasks that need to be completed prior to the big day, such as organizing their own workspace for the relocation. However, there are many additional office relocation tasks you will … Continued

How to Move Office IT Infrastructure to Your New Location

The office IT infrastructure is the lifeline of your business. Relocating it is a complicated task and one that should never be executed without the help of IT specialists. After all, the IT infrastructure houses your business’ most valuable data and information, and failing to relocate it properly can result in costly interruptions or service … Continued

Most Common Mistakes When Moving to a New Office

Office relocations are an exciting experience but preparing to move into a new office to further your business’ success can be stressful. However, whether you are moving across the street, across state borders or across oceans, there are many steps to ensuring a successful move with minimal downtime and stress. What may surprise you though … Continued

Top 3 Things to be Aware of Before Moving Offices

With a quick search online, you’ll find an abundance of articles detailing the tasks involved with relocating offices. From which types of moving boxes are best to the advantages of using a storage unit, most of what you need to know about moving offices can be found with a bit of research. However, there are … Continued

Safety First When Moving To The New Office

Safety should be a major priority. From the junior employee to the CEO, no one wants to move into a new office in an unsafe manner or feel like their brand-new space is an unsafe work environment. Here are some quick tips to make sure that moving into your new office is a safe and … Continued

Must have Supplies When Moving Into A New Office

Having your moving supplies on moving day is key to starting off right. No matter the size or scope of your office move, being prepared with the right supplies is a must. Not only will this make your day easier while you are unpacking but it will help relieve and alleviate a lot of the … Continued

Moving Electronics to the Office

In this day and age, technology is completely ingrained in our lives. We rely on it so heavily for everything- it is the driving force behind so many of our businesses and everyday tasks. Because of this, it is essential to make your electronics a high priority while relocating to a new space. The utmost … Continued

Coordinating an Office Move

Creating the perfect project plan for your office relocation is the key to a successful, stress-free move. It’s one of the most important steps taken in an office move, and one that should be started as soon as you have made the decision to relocate. Doing so will allow you and your moving staff to … Continued

What Type of Maintenance Should You Be Doing Before Relocating Your Office

A successful commercial relocation is highly dependent on the tasks completed well prior to moving day. Maintenance is one of the more significant tasks that must be completed and one that is often overlooked. However, without proper maintenance, you risk the possibility of coming across discrepancies, additional fees, delays and several other inconveniences that can … Continued

Top 5 Reasons to Relocate Your Office This Year

Office relocation can be great for business, particularly if you’re looking for new opportunities that don’t currently exist for businesses in the area. While an office relocation may not be in the budget for this year, the potential revenue growth can be significant. The first step is to determine whether or not moving your business … Continued