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Category: Office Lifestyle

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Protect the Things That are Commonly Damaged During a Move

There are a lot of things to take into consideration while moving. It’s more than packing and loading or unloading boxes. It’s a major life change that can be costly and stressful. To ensure that you avoid additional and unwanted headaches, take the time to prepare you things for their journey. You don’t want to … Continued

The Best Way to Help Your Employees Prepare for An Office Move

Your employees are at the heart of your company and without them, moving to a new office likely wouldn’t be possible. You value your employees, of course, but it’s important to also consider how relocating impacts them. After all, your business’ current location is where they spend the majority of their days; a place that … Continued

Need to Relocate Your Office but Don’t Know Where to Start? This Guide Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know.

Office relocations are no easy feat. When you’re moving the entirety of your business to a new location, there’s a long list of tasks to complete and difficult logistics to overcome, many of which you wouldn’t necessarily think about with another type of move. Fortunately, your moving manager from Bekins Moving Solutions will handle and … Continued

Strategies To Alleviate Stress When Moving Offices

Packing up shop – pardon the pun – is no easy feat. Moving offices is one of the most difficult types of moves there is. Not only do you have to worry about the actual tasks of moving, such as packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, but you also have the complexities associated with your business. … Continued

How to Celebrate Halloween in the New Office

Congratulations! You’ve finally moved into the new office and Halloween is right around the corner. There’s no better time to celebrate this new chapter than with a Halloween party right there in the office. So, send out a mass email to all your employees and let them know that Halloween is in full swing this … Continued

Your Cubicle’s Décor Can Say a Lot About You

For many people, your cubicle is a place of solace and safety while at work. Many people spend more time at their desk than they do at their own home. As such, it is natural for parts of your personality to begin to show. The way that you decorate your cubicle can tell a person … Continued

Verizon Wireless undergoing relocation of employees

Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile phone carrier in the US.  It has announced that three of its call centers are going to be closed.  This will require employee relocation.  The facilities are going to be closed so that they can make better use of their overall facilities.  The effort is to improve customer service.  … Continued