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5 Tips for Setting Up Your New Home Office After Moving In

Having the luxury to work from a home office has many benefits, and you’re likely excited about this new career transition. However, being productive in a home office requires a little more than simply setting up a desk and installing the internet. So, as you start to unpack your belongings after the move, it’s important … Continued

Our Guide to A Perfect Move When Money Isn’t A Concern

From the planning process to the packing, and everything in between, there are several VIP moving services you can take advantage of. Here are some of our favorite ways to ‘go big or go home’ on moving day when money isn’t a concern. Hire Personal Project Manager The first step – and inarguably, the most … Continued

Tips and Tricks to Securing Your Electronics During a Move

Technology is everything today. We live in a digital world where your smartphone is your lifeline, your television dubs as your movie theatre, your tablet is your game console and the list goes on. Without it, the world wouldn’t know how to operate. So, let’s make sure your electronics arrive at your new home in … Continued

3 Tips to Moving Expensive Art

To some, art is nothing more than a piece of interior décor, but, to you, art is the heart of your home. Every artist and art-enthusiast understands, appreciates, and sees art in a unique way that is beyond words. Each piece you have within your home is a glimpse into your life, your spirit, your … Continued

Moving From Chicago to Houston Guide

Traveling to Huston When you are moving from Chicago to Houston, you will need all the information you can get. With such a big transition, you are bound to have some questions. Thankfully, Bekins Moving Solutions has done all the hard work for you. We have gathered all the best resources to assist you with your relocation … Continued

Moving From Chicago to Sarasota Guide

Getting to Sarasota When you are moving from Chicago to Sarasota, you are probably stressed just thinking about everything there is to do. Bekins Moving Solutions is a professional moving company that is dedicated to making everything about the moving process as easy as possible for our clients. That is why we have put together this … Continued

Moving From Dallas to Atlanta Guide

Getting to Atlanta When you are making a move from the Big D to the Gate City, you may be a bit uneasy about all the unknowns. Thankfully, Bekins Moving Solutions has you covered. We have written this handy-dandy guide to assist you every step of your journey. If you haven’t already, give us a call and let us assist … Continued

Moving From Dallas to Austin Guide

Getting to Austin Austin has seen a huge boom in recent years, especially because of people moving to Austin from other large cities in Texas. If you are moving from Dallas to Austin, you may be a bit frazzled with all there is to do and learn about your new home. Bekins Moving Solutions has … Continued

Moving From Dallas to Boston Guide

Traveling to Boston If you are moving from Dallas to Boston, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is a lot to do before you make the leap from the Lone Star State to Beantown. While both are large cities, it can be a bit of a culture shock for those who aren’t used to … Continued

Moving From Dallas to Chicago Guide

Getting to Chicago Moving from Dallas to Chicago may be a bit intimidating if you don’t have all the information you need. Bekins Moving Solutions knows it is hard to move to a new place, especially to a completely new state. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide about moving from Dallas to Chicago, so you don’t have to miss … Continued