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Category: Know Your Neighborhood

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Spring thaw could mean flooding, here are our best ways to avoid the flood

April showers definitely bring May flowers that’ll increase your home’s curb appeal and value. However, the spring weather change can also result in flooding, which poses a significant risk to your new investment. Fortunately, avoiding this potential risk goes beyond crossing your fingers and hoping the warm Spring sprinkle doesn’t come all at once. All … Continued

New to the Neighborhood? Tips and Tricks to Making Friends Fast

You’re all settled into your new home, you’ve added your family’s personal touches into the interior but it still feels like something is missing – friends. Without a sense of community, turning your new house into your home can be a difficult task because as humans, we crave interaction with others. So, complete the transition … Continued

Top 5 Fall Activities to Enjoy to Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Fall is the perfect time to get out and explore your new neighborhood. The weather isn’t scorching hot, nor is it too cold, and the community is out in full swing. So, don’t hibernate in your home just yet. Get out in the neighborhood, have some fun and create some memories with new friends, and … Continued

Top 5 Apps to Help You Navigate Your new Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood is exciting… And just as intimidating. You don’t know where anything is, who anyone is and you certainly don’t know what’s hidden around the next corner or in your very own backyard. You’re eager to explore but there’s one problem – you have no idea where to start. With these … Continued

Are You Moving? Top 6 Things to Research Before Moving to A New City

Moving to a new city is exhilarating! You’re about to start writing a new chapter of your life in a new city, with new people, new opportunities and who knows what else. That’s what makes it so exciting… And just as intimidating. Big cities are unlike anything else, and it can be a difficult transitioning … Continued

Helpful Tips When Researching a New School for Kids Post Move

Moving can be hard for the entire family, but even more so for the little ones. Switching schools can be a real challenge for kids; they’re uprooted from everything and everyone they know, and then thrown into a classroom with strangers. As a parent, it can be hard to remember what it’s like being a … Continued

Helpful Tips on Adjusting When Moving to a New Climate

Relocating can be a difficult yet exciting time in your life, especially when moving to a new climate. Whether moving into a hot climate, a colder one or a climate the changes, you’re about to embark on a journey that you may not have ever experienced before. However, no matter how much you love the … Continued

Top 5 States for Millennials to move to

Millennials are moving on out and moving on up in this world. As the baby boomers prepare to retire, millions of jobs are opening up. This will likely cause many millennials to think outside of their small town, and maybe even possible outside of their state. After all, it’s the generation that is all about … Continued

Tips for Moving to Illinois

If you are thinking about making a move north, the state of Illinois should be on your list for consideration. As the home state to the city of Chicago, many people decide on Illinois for its vibrant city life, cultural attractions, diversity, and employment opportunities. With all the fantastic things this state has to offer, … Continued

What You Should Know When Moving to El Cajon

So you’re packing up and moving to El Cajon, California? Nicknamed the Big Box, El Cajon has plenty to offer new residents. If you’re moving to El Cajon, here are a few key things you should know prior to moving day. 1. Choose a Neighborhood Whether you love living in the city or the scenic … Continued