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8 Uses for Plastic Moving Containers

It’s time to think outside of the box. Plastic moving containers are quickly becoming the most popular choice, as they’re durable, affordable and exceptionally versatile options. But what might surprise you is that the benefits of plastic bins go far beyond storage and moving convenience. Here are some of the unique ways you can use … Continued

Top 5 Tips for Having Thanksgiving in your New House

Congratulations! You and your significant other recently purchased your new house, and you’re ready to create some new memories and traditions. The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to do just that but there’s one problem – you’re totally exhausted from the move. With these five helpful tips, you can enjoy the holidays, your new … Continued

How to Winterize Your House Before You Move In

The winter breeze is blowing in and it’s time to winterize your home. But there’s one problem – you have yet to move in. Unfortunately, if you don’t currently hold the keys to your home, it’s not yet your own. The good news is that if you don’t have the keys, the current owners are … Continued

How to Enjoy your First Halloween in your new House

The best way to enjoy your first Halloween in your new house is to actually celebrate it! So, bring out the scarecrow, ghastly ghoul and smoke show.  You’re certain to make a good first impression with your new neighbors while also setting the bar for the block. Take a Festive Family Photo Not all Halloween … Continued

How to Host a Housewarming Party After You Move

After a long, exhausting move, the last thing you’re thinking about is planning a housewarming party. You have so many other things to think about and tasks to complete, inviting your friends and family over probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. But your phones have been ringing off the hook and your … Continued

Top 10 home designs of 2017

The top 10 home designs of 2017 are finally revealed. From voice-activated assistance in the kitchen to warming drawers, floors and more, this year is the perfect time to update your home with some technology and style. Here are some of the best design ideas that are certain to revolutionize your interior and quality of … Continued

Industry News: What You Should Know About US Housing Trends

2017 is an excellent time for buying a new house and making a move. The United States economy is quickly improving, with the real estate market being the main driving force. However, there are some housing trends you should be aware of before investing in a home, as they can mean the difference between whether … Continued