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Business and Office Move Checklist

Checklist for Bisiness and Office moveRelocating an office or business can actually be a lot more complex than moving a household.  So, how do you make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible?  The key to a successful office move is preparation and in order to prepare, you might want to consider making up a business-moving checklist.

Don’t forget these basic tasks when moving your business or office:

  • Set a timeframe and schedule for moving the office.
  • Devise a communications plan so that suppliers, customers, and other relevant parties are aware of the situation.
  • Make a list of tasks related to the move and delegate those tasks.
  • Organize a moving committee at the office to help keep everything on track.
  • Get your employees involved in the move and keep them informed.
  • Figure out how the new office will be set up and where everything will be installed.
  • Obtain moving quotes from companies, research those companies, and book the movers.
  • Let all of your current service providers know about the move and get them set up over at the new location.
  • Book any special moving services well in advance – photocopier transport, for example.
  • Establish a packing schedule.
  • Get all the packing and moving supplies together.
  • Make sure all the employees and professional movers have packing instructions.
  • Prepare the office furniture for the move (and remember to label each piece so that it is moved to the proper area.)
  • Make sure all liquids are removed from any office equipment before the move.
  • Double check where the moving truck can be parked for moving day at both the old and new location.
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