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Blue Cross relocation continuing

Blue Cross relocation continuingBlue Cross Blue Shield started a relocation project last May.  The project is still ongoing, with more than 600 staff members being relocated during the office move.  Blue Cross moved 281 employees on Monday into new offices located in downtown Detroit.  Another 306 workers will move in April.  The office move started in May 2011, but there was a lot to do such as getting the construction on the building completed and ensuring that 6,000 employees would be at the new location before the end of the year.

Blue Cross has decided to move another 600 employees to the new building in the next month.  It has conducted this relocation as a part of its workforce consolidation project.  Detroit is also a huge business center, thus the company decided it was best to be in that financial and business district over any other location.

Blue Cross serves 4.4 million Michigan residents alone.  The numbers are almost half of the population of Michigan.  It makes sense to have its office in such a busy area.  The business relocation is almost over and thus far there are no reports of services being interrupted from the yearlong move.  More importantly, it seems that the move will help the insurer reduce costs slightly and make it better for consumers to speak with representatives all in one building rather than spreading the workforce out so that it is thin.  The large building is able to support the additional staff members and maybe even more.

Jon Huser

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