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Zilliant to Move to New Office to Further Expansion

Technology solutions firm Zilliant, which assists businesses to make their numbers, made the announcement yesterday that it has been chosen as one of the Top Workplaces by Austin American-Statesman.  The firm has also made the revelation that it intends to move its corporate headquarters from its current location to Downtown Austin in the spring of next year.

Employee feedback is the sole determiner of the Top Workplaces, with the survey conducted by employee engagement research firm Workplace Dynamics. The survey was sent to all of the employees at Zilliant without telling them what it was for in order to make sure that their responses were kept objective.

The working environment and office culture were the reasons why Zilliant was chosen as a Top Workplace, with delivering value to customers constantly its top priority.  A stellar team and opportunities for professional development were cited by employees as the reasons why they regard the firm as being a top place to work, and it was also noted that Zilliant allows every employee to have the feeling that they are personally contributing to the company’s success.

Zilliant is finding its applications are being rapidly adopted among distribution, manufacturing and service companies, and as a result it is going from its existing headquarters in South Austin to Downtown Austin.  There it will occupy the whole of the sixth floor at the Perry Brooks Building, with over 24,000 square feet of space.  The new space will allow for an increase in employees by a further 25%

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