Your office move planning team

Your office move planning team

Even the smallest of companies will find an office relocation quite stressful, so if this is what you are planning, you need to call upon the skills of the people that you have around you to ensure that it all goes smoothly. It would be difficult for you to find one person in your office that can do everything that you need them to do, so you need to divide the work as much as possible; however, make sure that you give it to the right people.

You need to have an overall coordinator. This should be somebody with good organizational skills that has maybe tackled a similar project before. They need to be effective at communication in order to ensure that everyone on the team knows exactly what should be done and when to keep the office relocation on track.

They should have enough time to devote to the project, so you need to make sure that some of their work can be delegated to others so that they can spend more time coordinating the office move.

The person that you appoint should also be someone that everyone believes can do the job. It is important to be sure from the beginning that they are going to be making the right decisions.

Finally, they should be approachable. It is understandable that members of staff will have questions about the move, and they need to know that the person organizing it is able to answer their questions.