Your new office floor plan

Your new office floor plan

When you are moving office you need to make sure that your moving company knows exactly what is happening when you get to the other end. It is all very well labeling all your boxes and sorting the office clutter, but you also need to make sure that everything gets to where it is supposed to go.

Drawing up a floor plan for the new office will ensure that your professional movers have all the information they need to make sure that the unloading of your office paraphernalia goes smoothly. Some moving companies will also work with you on creating this plan.

Working out in advance where all the desks will go and where the filing cabinets should be positioned will save time on moving day, which is set to be stressful enough without chaos when you arrive at the new location. Color-code different sections of the office and match this to your labeling system for boxes and other items to make it even easier on the day.

To create the new floor plan you need to have the exact measurements of both the new room and all the furniture that is to go in it. If you are taking the opportunity to replace desks and other furniture, make sure you have the dimensions of the new furniture to hand when you are drawing up your plans.

If drawing up plans of the new office seems like a chore, remember that these will also be vital to your IT department when setting up new networks while the office move is in progress.