Your guide to Macau

Your guide to Macau

Macau is a very laidback country where visitors will be greeted with an infusion of Asian and Mediterranean influences permeating the food and architecture, which reflects the opulent nature of much that can be found here.

Some call Macau the ‘Vegas of the East’ and it does not take long to see why, with gambling in state-of-the-art casinos high on the list of most people’s itineraries when they arrive here.  On a strip of reclaimed land is the Cotai Strip, which will tease your senses like nowhere else.  Trees and stone statues line the strip, which was opened in 2007, while the islands of Colane and Taipa are linked by the strip itself.

Known for glamour, glitz and affording guests the chance to live in luxury, Macau is a culturally rich destination that offers far more than just gambling and nightlife.

Temples are waiting for you to explore them, such as the Taoist and Buddhist shrines dedicated to A-Ma, who lends his name to the country itself.  Lighthouses and fortresses that date back to the 17th century still stand and function to guide ships through the waters around the coast, while the times of Portuguese Colonialism are in evidence throughout the UNESCO World Heritage site, which lies at the historic heart of Macau itself.

Immerse yourself in history and luxury and let Macau take you on a magical journey.