Your Cubicle’s Décor Can Say a Lot About Yo …

Your Cubicle’s Décor Can Say a Lot About Yo …

For many people, your cubicle is a place of solace and safety while at work. Many people spend more time at their desk than they do at their own home. As such, it is natural for parts of your personality to begin to show. The way that you decorate your cubicle can tell a person a lot about your personality. Just make sure to keep it professional and clean to maintain a great first impression to anyone who walks by. There are a few different ways to jazz up your cubicle at work. Read this then take a look around your own cubicle, which one of these describes you?

The Minimalist

In order to be functional, every cubicle needs to have the same basic equipment – desk, chair, computer, and basic desk essentials (pens, pencils, stapler, paper clips, and so on.)  On your first day of work, your cubicle looked pretty basic. Some people opt to keep their cubicle just like they found it. This person is known as the “minimalist”, and these workers add very little personalization to their workspace. Maybe it is because they like to keep their personal lives separate from professional or maybe they just don’t care. Either way, the minimalist’s cubicle conveys a no-nonsense, highly focused approach to work.

The Homebody

The “homebody” cubicle is the direct opposite of the minimalist. The homebody brings items from home, pictures of the family, fun décor, and funny comic strips. The homebody is one of the most common types of cubicle dwellers. Filling your workspace with such items definitely allows your coworkers a glimpse into your personal life whether you want them to or not. Make sure to stay organized despite the extras on your desk. Otherwise, you may be viewed as sloppy or messy.

The Snacker

Every office has that one cubicle that has a dish of candy, cookies, or hidden treats stored within its cabinets. If you are on a diet, you should avoid this cubicle at all costs. However, if you enjoy an occasional treat at work, visiting the snacking cubicle can be a highlight of your day.

The Prankster

The “prankster” is a cubicle that is halfway between the minimalist and the homebody. While the prankster may have a few personal affects from home, it is mainly focused on poking fun at fellow co-workers. These cubicles are equipped with funny postcards, equipment for pulling office pranks, and of course, the occasional whoopee cushion.

The Disc Jockey

Everyone likes a little bit of background music to work to, but the DJ wants to provide tunes for the whole office. They may have a radio in their cubicle, or blast some tunes from their office speakers. It is important that the disc jockey respects the volume tolerance of those around him or her and obeys the rules of the office. While the DJ walks a fine line of annoyance and appreciation, they are an integral part of the office.

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