How to Wrap Leather Furniture for Moving and Stora …

How to Wrap Leather Furniture for Moving and Stora …

Leather is one of the most expensive and most comfortable materials used for household furniture. More often than not, people cherish their leather pieces more than any other type of furniture in their home. When you are preparing for a move or preparing to put leather furniture into storage, it is crucial you protect it properly. Bekins Moving Solutions has decades upon decades of experience in moving and storing leather furniture. We are happy to share the perfect way to wrap your leather couches, chairs, and ottomans to protect them from damage.

Conditioning the Leather

About a week before you move your leather piece of furniture, you will want to ensure it is properly conditioned with the right amount of moisture to prevent cracks and tears. Purchase a leather conditioner and follow the instructions closely. You will need to find a careful balance and allow time for the conditioner to sink in with enough time for excess moisture to evaporate off. To speed up the process, go over the leather furniture with a dry cloth after you have wiped off the conditioning treatment.

Take Apart Components

Depending on the type of furniture, you may be able to remove bits and pieces from it to simplify moving. For example, some leather couches allow you to remove the legs in order to make getting through doorways much easier. Remove legs or smaller pieces of your furniture. Make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap separately and pack them in an easily identifiable box. This will ensure that you don’t get to your new home with a legless couch!

Wrap with Moving Blankets

Carefully wrap the couch with moving blankets, carefully folding along corners. The blankets will help protect the corners of your couch from rubbing and causing damage to the leather. It can also help absorb excess moisture that you may have missed after the conditioning process.

Apply Plastic Wrap

Carefully begin to wrap your leather furniture using cling plastic wrap. The wrap will help hold the blankets in place and also protect your leather furniture from the elements if it should rain on moving day. It is much easier to accomplish a tight wrap with two people. One person can hold the blankets and furniture in place while the other wraps the furniture.

Storage Considerations

When you are storing your leather furniture, make sure the facility is temperature-controlled. Leather requires a dry and cool environment to stay in pristine condition. Without adequate environmental control, it can get too hot in the storage facility, causing the furniture to sweat. The moisture sitting on the surface can then begin to degrade the leather.

If you have questions or would like assistance in moving or storing your leather furniture, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call (877) 594-1187 to get your free moving estimate.