Would Relocation Do You Good?

Would Relocation Do You Good?

Are you at a point in your life where you need a change?  Should you consider moving to a new house or a whole new town?  We’ve put together a quiz that will help you determine if you should pack it all up and go or stay put for another couple of years.  Remember, relocation shouldn’t be taken lightly, so this quiz is just for fun!

Take a look at the following questions below.  You’ll be assigned a score to each question which will help determine whether a relocation may be good for you or no.   Here’s what the scores mean:

1 – Doesn’t Apply to You
2 – Applies Somewhat
3 – Definitely Applies to You

  1. You don’t fit in where you currently live. ­­______
  2. It’s hard to meet people where you live now. ______
  3. You don’t like the climate where you are living. ­­______
  4. You’re drawn to another city or state and are constantly imagining what it would be like to live there. ­­______
  5. You’d rather live in a different landscape. ­­______
  6. Your current area affects your health. ­­______
  7. You’re not sure why, but things just aren’t clicking where you live now. ­­______
  8. Another culture is pulling you to give it a try. ­­______
  9. You have different beliefs or values from others in  your community. ­­______
  10. Your energy is drained in your current location. ­­______
  11. You’d love to move, but something is holding you back. ­­______
  12. You can’t attain your life goals by living where you do now. ­­ ______

Now, go ahead and add up your score.  What’s your total? ­­______

We’ve also generated a little scoring chart to help you figure out if you should think about moving or just stay where you are.  Take a look and see how you add up:

Score What it Means
31 or more It’s time to move!
25-30 You should probably look into relocation options.
19-24 You are probably settling.  Think about where you might like to move and discuss it with your family.
13-18 You could be settling but you might also be just fine living where you are now.
12 or less It looks like you don’t need to move, you’re just fine where you are now.


Remember, moving is a major life decision, especially if you are going to relocate over a great distance.  That means you have got to be sure you want to do it.  Discuss how you feel with your family and see what your significant other has to say about it.  During such conversations, here are some more things you may want to consider:

  • Imagine yourself at 95.  Will you be able to look back on life and say that you’re happy you didn’t move or sorry about the decision?
  • Think about what the worst thing that could happen if you moved to a new location.  Can you handle it?
  • Consider the best thing that might happen if you moved.  Is the potential downside worth this risk?

Lance Grooms