The worst time to move this year

The worst time to move this year

Don’t pack up your household just yet! First, you want to make sure that you aren’t planning a move on any of the days that are considered to be the worst time to move in 2018. By making sure to avoid the following days when moving this year, you can enjoy some extra savings while also encouraging a stress-free move.

Any Major Holidays

If a holiday is fast-approaching alongside your anticipated move-in date, grab your calendar and see what other days you can move. Most moving companies either close on major holidays or may increase the price of moving on these days. As a result, availability will be limited or the company is paying their moving teams time-and-a-half, which can result cost more for you in the end.

That’s also not to mention that, because many businesses close on major holidays, more people are looking to complete their move prior to the holiday arriving. So, if possible, avoid the days leading up to a major holiday and the few days that follow afterward.

The End of Any Month

Most renters move during the end of the month, as this is when most rental contracts begin and end. Booking your move during this time can result in higher costs, as it’s considered to be a peak time. So, if you have the luxury to move during the middle of the month, definitely take advantage of that opportunity. Not only will you likely come across some serious savings but the professional moving services you opt for will also have more availability.

The Weekends

Weekends are an ideal time to move. You’re off work for a couple of days, giving you a full 48-hours to move homes and start unpacking. However, the majority of other people moving also have the same idea in mind. So, if you don’t work during the week or have some extra vacation days you’re willing to take to move during the week, this is something worth considering.

Long Weekends in the Summer

Speaking of weekends, you’ll want to try to avoid hiring moving services during any of the long weekends in the summer. While the extra time off from work certainly comes with many benefits, you could run into difficulties in terms of moving service availability, as many other homeowners are also planning to move during this time. So, enjoy your long weekends this summer and plan the move either a couple days prior or after.

Winter Season

The winter season can be the best time to move and the worst time to move, depending on what you’re looking for. It can be the best time if you’re interested in some moving day savings, as winter isn’t considered to be a peak season. However, it can also be the worst time to move due to the unpredictable weather, terrain and traffic that the winter season is known for. So, it depends on whether you’re more interested in convenience or savings.

If you have the option and flexibility to pick your move-in date, avoid booking your move on these dates to ensure a stress-free and affordable move. If you have to move on one of these days, book as early as possible. This gives you the best chance of getting the moving day you want. The earlier you book, the less likely that day has been filled. Fortunately, the list of days that are not ideal for moving are minimal compared to all of the days you can choose to move this year.