Winstone considers moving from UK

Winstone considers moving from UK

Actor Ray Winstone believes that the United Kingdom is being “raped” by taxes and he is beginning to think about leaving the country.  “I don’t see what we’re being given back,” the 50-year-old told Talk Sport radio in an interview.

The tough guy actor, who made his name as Will Scarlet in the 1980s TV reinvention Robin of Sherwood and has starred in many other films, including Sexy Beast and The Sweeney, had plenty to say on the subject of the taxman when the subject came up during the course of the conversation.

“What does he give you back?” Winstone wanted to know about the taxman.  “I drive down the road, there’s more holes in the road than there are in a tennis racket, and we’ve got no hospitals, we’ve got fire stations closing down.”

When asked whether he would ever consider making a move away from London, or undergoing relocation from the United Kingdom in general, Winstone had an unequivocal answer, claiming that he could quite easily see himself leaving the United Kingdom very soon.  The actor added that he loves his country but has had enough of the government taking and taking and giving nothing in return.  “I just see the country being raped,” he said bluntly, and his opinion on politicians was just as to the point.  “I wouldn’t trust any of them,” he noted.