Will Olsen move in with Olivier?

Will Olsen move in with Olivier?

26-year-old Mary Kate Olsen and her 42-year-old boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy may have only begun dating four months ago back in April, but speculation is rife that the celebrity couple may be making a big change in their relationship already.  According to Page Six, the pair may be about to move in together, with Olsen’s businessman boyfriend having just recently purchased a townhouse for the cool sum of $6.25 million.

A relocation may not necessarily be on the cards for the former child star of situation comedy series Full House, however, as a source for the New York Daily News has allegedly claimed that Mary Kate is not moving in with him just yet after all, but is merely keeping some of her things – such as clothes, primarily – there.  In other words, Sarkozy basically just bought his girlfriend a very large closet.

Whether a move to cohabitation is on the cards soon or not, there would certainly be plenty of room for the petite young actress.  There are no less than four bathrooms and five bedrooms in the townhouse, and 4,200 square meters of space.  Designed by famous architect James Renwick, the townhouse was originally built as far back as 1854, with the loving couple apparently liking the fact “that it is old”, according to a real estate agent source for Page Six.

The pairing of the former sit-com star and the half-brother of the former French President has certainly set tongues wagging.