Will Kate’s mom move in to help with baby?

Will Kate’s mom move in to help with baby?

A former friend is claiming that Kate Middleton will be receiving maternal help when her baby arrives, with reports that her mother Carole will be making a move to live with Kate and Prince William for a while after Kate gives birth.

The 31-year-old Duchess made the official announcement of her pregnancy with Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, in December last year, with the baby set to be born in July, 58-year-old Carole Middleton is apparently going to move into the spare bedroom at the Royal couple’s spacious home in Kensington Palace until Kate has become used to the routine of motherhood.

The new rumors come from an interview with a former college friend of Kate, Jessica Hay, which was conducted by an Australian magazine, in which she also revealed alleged details of some of the treatments that Kate has been receiving for the morning sickness that she suffered from just before Christmas.

Kate apparently feels betrayed by Hays’ actions, although this is actually not the first time her former friend has leaked intimate details to the press.  Not long after Kate announced that she was pregnant, Hays told British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror that the couple had been trying for a baby throughout the year.  “They’ve been preparing all summer,” she said.