Wildfire in California forest park not yet under c …

Wildfire in California forest park not yet under c …

It is being reported that a forest fire raging in a national forest in California could take up to a week to get under control.

The fire, which has already spread across a 4,000-acre area within the Angeles national forest, has left a trail of devastation spanning some 65 miles and forced many people to evacuate from campsites located in the area.

At this time of year the campgrounds in the area could normally expect to have around 12,000 visitors; however, almost all have been evacuated as firefighters fight to gain control of the area from the fire, which has been blazing for a number of days. Other fires that also started have been brought under control.

The area, which has not experienced a wildfire for a number of decades, is difficult for firefighters due to the terrain. It is not yet known how the fire started; however, a burned out car was discovered and officials are unclear if this was the cause or simply a casualty.

The latest reports state that the fire began in the San Gabriel Mountains and, as it spread, people from a nearby mobile home park had to make the decision to leave or stay with their property. 30 of the 75 residents chose to stay, including one who said: “I’m a Vietnam vet. So this doesn’t scare me.”

Jon Huser