Why You Shouldn’t Undertake a DIY Move

Why You Shouldn’t Undertake a DIY Move

When you are moving house, you know that it can get expensive pretty fast. Movers can be pricey, so it is very tempting to simply hire a truck and do it all yourself. While you might think that there are financial advantages to this method, there are a number of reasons why it might not be the best move. Bekins Moving Solutions has many affordable moving options that can help you reduce stress surrounding your move. Here is why you should hire a professional mover over the traditional DIY method.

Faster and More Efficient

Professional movers are much faster than you will be. They help people move every single day and have the process down to a science. When it comes to emptying your old home and getting you settled in your new place, the movers at Bekins Moving Solutions work quickly. When you attempt a move on your own, you may be tempted to ask your friends and family for help to speed things up. While they may be able to help load your boxes, odds are they will want to chat, take breaks, and not be as fast as moving professionals. You will need to balance the need for speed with the price of hiring professional movers.

The Right Truck

When you hire professional movers, the moving truck is included. Everyone has been in the situation when you have rented a moving truck and completely underestimated the size you needed. This leads to multiple trips and wastes of a lot of valuable time. With professional movers, they will work out the required truck size in advance for you, so you are assured that you have the right moving truck for a smooth transition on moving day.

The Right Tools

The majority of people don’t have a moving dolly, straps, or moving blankets on hand. Professional movers have all the right tools for the job. For heavy items, our movers have moving carts, hoists, and straps to get your biggest belongings on the truck safely. Before your move, they will discuss your home, your moving needs, and prepare adequately, so they have everything they need on the day of.

Less Damage

When you have fragile or sensitive items, hiring a professional mover can keep them safer. Expert movers have the expertise and knowledge on how to move your items and keep them safe. They know straight away when something is fragile and exactly how it should be packed and moved to protect it.

No Obligations

If you “hire” your family and friends, you may feel obligated to feed them and provide beverages. When you hire expert movers, you don’t have to provide food or drink. Just hire our movers and let us take care of the rest. Our goal is to make your move as easy as possible, no need to worry about anything other than getting settled in your new home!

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