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Why would you need climate controlled storage?

Items that are stored in storage facilities can be severely damaged by extreme cold or hot weather.  Computer equipment, electronics, photographs, books, leather, wooden furniture, important documents for your home, artwork, clothing and other valuable belongings can be destroyed if they are not protected in the proper manner.

If you are working, living in or making a move to an area that has such weather conditions and are intending to place things in storage with a moving company there, storage facilities that are climate controlled offer the perfect answer for all of your business or personal storage needs.

Climate control ensures that the temperature in the storage facility is maintained at a steady 55 to 80 degrees through the use of central heating and air conditioning.  Keeping a controlled environment means that there is a greatly reduced risk of rust, yellowing and corrosion; being infested by mice, termites, wasps and other forms of vermin; warping, cracking and splitting; and the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Storage units that are climate controlled are generally part of buildings that are finished and come complete with indirect cooling and heating, as opposed to individual storage units that may come with heaters or air conditioners.  The enclosed environment of such buildings often results in an increase in protection from dirt, dust and flooding.  Other items that are best to store in climate controlled storage facilities include antiques and heirlooms, video and audio equipment, furs, and craft supplies.

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