Why people move a home

Why people move a home

People make the decision to move house for a wide variety of different reasons, including getting a promotion or possibly even an entirely new job in a different location.  For those in the military, of course, moving on a continual basis is practically a way of life.  Other reasons why people move include relationships.  Perhaps you have fallen in love and want to move in together in someplace new.  Some people undergo relocation in order to be closer to their family, while others like to move every few years just for the sake of change and to avoid being stuck in a rut.

The surprising thing about moving is how many rather sneaky reasons there are why people do so.  It is true that people move for the sake of love on a regular basis, but this does not just mean the ‘moving in together’ reason as noted above.  Sometimes people will actually move in order to be closer to an unrequited love in the hope that the object of their affection will notice them if they are nearby.  This may seem a little bit strange, but the fact is that it still happens.  Perhaps someone has had a crush on someone else since they were kids and that person has moved somewhere quite far away, which can be as good an impetus for a life change as any other.  Another reason for moving where love is concerned is when people fall out of love.  People whose relationship has come to an end, and particularly if it was a rather messy ending, can find themselves in a very awkward spot.  It is quite common for people to move house and even relocate to another state in order to get away from the reminders of their failed relationship.  Whatever the circumstances, love as a motivation for moving is more of a common factor than you might have thought.

Another common reason for moving is family, and this does not always mean to be closer to them! Most of us have probably wistfully thought about moving far away from our in-laws from time to time.  Some people have rough relationships with their in-laws right from the start of their relationships, while in some cases the reason might be the in-laws trying a bit too hard to be helpful and somehow never quite taking no for an answer.

Even getting away from friends can be a reason to move.  Perhaps you do not like your partner’s college friends or his or her friends from childhood.  This can be a difficult situation.  The fact is that while friends can be wonderful, having friends who are also neighbors is not necessarily a positive thing.  This situation can work on occasion if romantic partners grew up together and had all the same friends, for example, but in the great majority of circumstances there are myriad reasons why people might not want to be too close to their buddies.

Jon Huser