Why not move to Carpinteria, Santa Barbara?

Why not move to Carpinteria, Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara is a town within easy reach of Los Angeles and there are some great communities here. The community of Carpinteria is one of the most popular and there are several reasons why.

The laid-back atmosphere of this neighborhood is one of its big attractions. Plenty of people come here to surf and it is just far enough away from the center of Santa Barbara to offer a lower cost of living.

Rincon Beach is one of the big attractions and you are always sure to see dozens of surfers making the most of the waves. Alternatively there is the downtown area of the town, which does not have the rushed and busy vibe of the cities but does offer plenty of good restaurants and stores, including the all-important surf shops.

Moving to Carpinteria is quite affordable when the cost of property is compared to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and regardless of whether you want to buy or rent there will be something to suit your budget. You will find that you have many neighbors whose families have been in the area for generations – most people move here decide to stay. There are also plenty of work opportunities and the easy commute to Santa Barbara or even Los Angeles is practical for most people.

The area is also known for good schools; therefore, if you have a family moving to California, Carpinteria might be perfect for you. You can also rub shoulders with the rich and famous at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.