Why move to San Diego?

Why move to San Diego?

There must be something about San Diego that appeals, as it is estimated that around half the people who currently live originate from somewhere else. Why do people move to San Diego?

The weather is a big advantage, with very little rain and plenty of sunshine. This great weather is a major factor in the city being able to offer more types of plants and trees than anywhere else in the US.

The city has a very small town feel to it, even though it is a large city, and has everything that you could possibly want. There are more than 50 communities here and plenty of volunteer options; therefore, if you want to live somewhere where you can really get involved, consider relocating to San Diego. The friendliness of the people who live here is another factor and people who just visit often comment on how nice everyone is.

The tourist attractions here mean that residents don’t really have to go anywhere on vacation. The ‘stay-cation’ is popular and attractions such as the zoo and SeaWorld are right on the doorstep. The city also has a great park system and nobody lives more than a few minutes away from a tranquil green space.

Work opportunities are an important reason for a move to San Diego and the city certainly has plenty of these. From entry-level roles to positions that require more experience and qualifications, there is a growing number of work opportunities for people of all ages.