Who’s your Best Choice for a Long-Distance Move

Who’s your Best Choice for a Long-Distance Move

When moving a far distance, you want to make sure your belongings make the trip as well, and in a safe and timely manner. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new humble abode only to discover that your belongings are nowhere close to arriving. As a result, you’ll be stuck in a home with no furniture, no linens, no television, no computer and the list goes on. This is no way to start what-should-be an exciting move and fresh start in life. So, to ensure a quality moving experience, you want to choose a reliable moving service. To discover who the best choice for a long-distance move is, consider these things first.

They Create a Moving Plan

A proper moving plan is absolutely crucial to ensure an efficient long-distance move. Since there are many factors that can delay the process, such as border delays, traffic, weather, etc., you want to ensure the company moving your belongings has considered all of the prior, before hitting the road. Bekins offers customizable moving plans to help you decide the best choice for a long-distance move.

They Offer Customizable Packing

It’s easy to assume that customizable packing is a “luxury” feature that you don’t need for your long-distance move, but don’t be mistaken. Cardboard boxes and packing tape are sufficient for many items. However, when moving a far distance, your belongings will be subjected to various bumps, stop-and-go’s, as well as temperature and climate changes. You may want more protection than a standard box can provide for items that are fragile or valuable. A company with custom packing and crating solutions can better specialize packing materials to fit the each item being moved.

Bekins Moving Solutions offers completely customizable packing and crating services. This includes either full or partial packing, depending on your preference.

They Have Low Claims Against Them

Before signing on the dotted line, it’s always recommended to check out the company’s reviews. If there are a lot of complaints, concerns or claims made against them, you may want to reconsider because your best choice for a long-distance move is always going to be a company that provides an optimal moving experience and customer satisfaction.

Bekins Moving Solutions has the lowest claims in the moving industry, which is definitely something worth considering.

They Offer You a Team of Experts

Although you won’t be traveling with your belongings, you should never be left in the dark. The best long distance moving company will always offer you a team of experts to help you throughout the process – from packing to delivery.

A long-distance move is unlike any other, and choosing a moving service deserve some extra attention. After all, your prized possessions are traveling a far distance, possibly across state borders and maybe even overseas, and it’s crucial to opt for a moving company that’s going to stay on track. So, before you book your professional moving services, these are the things you want to look for and of course, rest assured that Bekins Moving Solutions is your best choice for a long-distance move.