Who Needs Mail Forwarding? You Do!

Who Needs Mail Forwarding? You Do!

Let’s assume you are moving overseas for a short- or long-term business project. Have you thought about how you’ll get your mail? And no, we’re not talking about email!

The best way to ensure that you get your mail is to enlist a mail forwarding service. We don’t mean just filling out that change of address form at your local post office! There are a number of mail forwarding services out there, available for people moving internationally.


If you’re moving, you’ll need to know some of the features made available through most mail forwarding services. These might include:

  • Sending your mail monthly, bi-monthly, or upon request
  • Manage mail services via an internet account
  • Filter which pieces of mail you don’t want sent
  • Consolidation of shipments to avoid excessive postage and customs fees
  • Get mail-order merchandise from vendors that do not ship internationally
  • Deal with customs paperwork so you don’t have to

Getting Started

When you finally decide to use a mail forwarding service when you relocate, the USPS actually suggests that you use a commercial mail receiving agency, or a CMRA. The USPS website has an abundance of information on how to select one and get set up.

Why Worry?

A mail forwarding service will alleviate some of the stress associated with relocating overseas. Why worry if you don’t have to? Along with online banking and automatic bill pay, mail-forwarding services are one of the great perks of living in the modern world.

Jon Huser