Whitney Houston’s autopsy findings

Whitney Houston’s autopsy findings

The autopsy findings for Whitney Houston are finally out.  It was found that she drowned in 12 inches of water that was extremely hot.  She was found in a Los Angeles hotel.  The county ruled that the death was an accidental drowning due to heart disease and cocaine use.

While Houston’s death was accidental, her life was not without issues of drug abuse.  A brilliant actress and singer at one time, she suffered in her life due to the addictions she could not seem to get over.

Anyone who tries for show business or even to succeed in Los Angeles could face the same perils with so much temptation around them.  Relocation to this area could have detrimental effects on one’s health.  On the other hand, those who are strong in their convictions to ignore temptation may well succeed.  For all the trouble that this town seems to have, there are a few who are able to find fame and success.

Los Angeles is definitely a town for aspiring actors and actresses to try their hand at fame.  It may be one of the main reasons many move to Los Angeles, despite the traffic, millions populating the area, and the warm summer months.  For some a move to LA could be the right thing and for others it may require another move several months later to a new place.