Which items should not be packed when moving?

Which items should not be packed when moving?

When you start planning to move home you need to be aware that there are a certain number of items that you should not pack.  Some items might be illegal to move without special licenses and equipment, while others can cause injury or even death to those involved in the move or damage to the moving truck or your possessions.

Chemicals and items of a combustible or explosive nature cannot be transported by your moving company.  This includes items such as fertilizers, pool chemicals, fireworks, paint thinners, lighter fluids and highly-explosive aerosols, chemistry sets, lamp oils, weed killers, paints, car batteries, munitions, acids, motor oils, fuels, and many industrial and household cleaning chemicals.

If you are intending to move liquids, you need to take great care; for example, red wine can cause a tremendous amount of damage to furniture and other items should the bottles break.  Avoid moving liquids with your load or at least make absolutely certain that they have been packed in the safest possible manner with appropriate boxes and clear labeling.  Always ask your moving company whether liquids are allowed to be included in your consignment.

There are a lot of other potentially dangerous items in your garden and home that need to be handled with particular care when being prepared for a move.  Make sure that all sharp objects, such as garden shears, knives and scissors, have been securely wrapped with tape and cloth to prevent accidental injuries.