Where to find free moving boxes

Where to find free moving boxes

Making a move from your current home to a new one is not just extremely tiring but is also a drain on finances.  With sufficient forward planning, however, a large amount of this expense can be cut down to allow the money to be spent on other things, such as new furniture.

There are a number of things that you can do to cut down on the cost of relocation, including getting hold of free moving boxes.  Boxes are vital to the packing process, of course, and there are ways to get them free of charge or for an absolute minimum.  The very first thing you should do is to check the internet.  There are a number of online sources, including Craigslist, where you will be able to find moving boxes for free.

Checking your local grocery stores is also strongly recommended, as they may already have unwanted excess boxes in their warehouse.  Grocery stores invariably have boxes piling up and will be only too happy for you to take them off their hands, as this not only cuts down on their clutter but also saves the stores from having to pay for the boxes to be disposed of.

Another great spot to check out is bookstores.  They usually have large and very sturdy boxes designed to protect books and thus keep out water, dust and other damaging elements.  It is even worth asking your friends and neighbors if they have any spare boxes in their home that can help you with your move.  No luck there?  Buy new ones from a moving company will ensure the quality and durability of the box is intact.  Not to mention, no little critters (AKA Bedbugs) in them.