Where Should You Raise the Kids in Louisiana?

Where Should You Raise the Kids in Louisiana?

If you don’t already live in Louisiana, you may really only know of Baton Rouge and, of course, New Orleans. But, there are plenty of really great cities in which to raise your kids. So, if you are getting ready to move to Louisiana, you might want to pay attention.

Just outside of Alexandria (about 8 miles north), Ball is a small Louisiana town with all the Southern charm it can muster. And when we say small, we mean small – the population is at just under 4,000 people. In fact, it’s at 3,693 to be exact! So, before you even consider relocating to Ball, you might want to go visit it, especially if you’ll be moving from a much larger city. It might be a little bit of culture shock, especially for the kids!

Though small, Ball, Louisiana is a great place to move with the kids. The median family income is just under $50,000 and the median home price is listed at about $135,000. So, it’s got a relatively good economy for today’s times.

Overall, Ball is a very affordable Louisiana town. It was incorporated back in 1972, so it is also relatively new! If your family loves the great outdoors, you’re in luck – the Kisatchie National Forest is nearby. Oh, and the town is part of the Rapides Parish School District which has three elementary schools.

Jon Huser