When Your Car Gets Damaged During Auto Transport

When Your Car Gets Damaged During Auto Transport

While many people ditch their cars during a cross-country move, there are some people who choose auto transport. While most car shipments are completed without a hitch, no one is perfect and sometimes damage does occur. The important thing is that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself from liability and follow the necessary process to be reimbursed. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped people move their house, cars, and everything in between. Here are a few things you need to do prior to transporting your vehicle, and what to do if you find damage when it arrives.

Take Pictures Before Shipment

Before you transport your car, take pictures of the outside and inside of your vehicle. Make sure to get all angles and label the photos with the time and date that you took the photos. Keep all pictures in a safe location where it is easily accessible. Consider placing the photos within cloud storage so you can see them from your smartphone.

Create a Report

Along with your photos, write a brief summary about the car’s condition. Note the last time your car had an oil change, the current mileage on the car, and any wear or tear that is obvious.

Research Insurance Protection

Check the auto transport rates and if the company provides car shipping insurance protection. You may also want also to check with your car insurance company to see if they have insurance options for transportation. Compare rates and choose the one that works best for you.

Keep All Documents

Before your car is shipped, the transportation company should complete an inspection and complete a thorough report as well. Double check their report for accuracy and discuss any differences between your statement and theirs. Keep a copy of the car inspection report that the car transport company provides.

After Delivery, Perform Another Inspection

Once the car is delivered, check it thoroughly. Look at the roof, exterior, bumpers, and interior. If there is any inconsistency or damage, the driver must sign for all stated damages. Take pictures of the damage and write a brief summary. Compare this summary to the one you wrote prior to your car being transported.

Make Phone Calls

If there is damage found on your vehicle, inform the auto transport company right away.  Send them pictures you took prior to the transport and after. Get an estimate from a local repair company and send a copy to the auto transport company. The company should issue a payment to you to cover repairs. If the transport company refuses to pay up, file a report with the local authorities and report them to your insurance.

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