When you should move

When you should move

Making a move can be a complicated endeavor at any time of the year; however, people who are not bound to a particular deadline and have a more flexible agenda should take a number of factors under consideration when choosing when to relocate.  Things to think about include the weather, your kids’ school program and your job.

One good tip is to make use of the Internet to check out the times of year when moving companies are charging less for their services.  If you are not stuck with obligations, late fall or spring are excellent suggestions for a moving date.  These are the times when you are likely to be able to find and hire the services of a professional moving company very easily. Wait till late April through July or August, then it will be more difficult to find available moving companies.

Weekends are best avoided for relocation, as moving companies tend to charge higher rates.  While you might think the best time of year to move would be the summer due to the good weather and the kids being off school, the reality is that many other people are likely to share this opinion and thus it becomes much more difficult to find a quality moving company with availability.

It can be hard for children to make new friends and recover lost classes if you are moving away from your old location; therefore, you should avoid disturbing their school year.  If you have to move in summer for this reason, try to make your move in late summer toward the approach of the next fall; alternatively, the very beginning of the school holidays is preferable to the middle of summer when everyone else seems to be relocating.