What you should leave in your old home

What you should leave in your old home

Garden_furniture_PDIn the midst of all the packing you need to be aware that there are some things that you should leave behind when you are moving house. It is not just that your professional movers will not want to handle these items but also that there are some things that it is impossible or impractical take with you. This does not mean that you want to leave these behind; however, you don’t really have a choice.

Number one on this list has to be your garden – as silly as it sounds, this is an area that you will have put a lot of work into and it will be very personal to you. Plants that you want to keep may not survive the house move journey; however, if there really is something that you cannot live without, why not get a qualified horticulturist’s advice on the subject?

You should also consider leaving behind any bird boxes that you have put into place. The main reason for this is that the birds that have been using them could become distressed if they find that the boxes are no longer there. All you can do is hope that the new residents will be as keen to look after the birds as you are.

Don’t be tempted to take items such as fancy cabinet door handles with you. You may have chosen them specially, but if the cabinet is fixed into the home then you can’t take that as well.