What You Should Know When Moving With Firearms

What You Should Know When Moving With Firearms

As a licensed gun owner, it’s essential to learn the proper steps to transporting your firearms for your future move. Whether you’re traveling to a new area in your city, across state lines or to another country, there are some strict guidelines you must follow to ensure you comply with the gun laws on moving and traveling with firearms.

Understand the Laws About Traveling with Firearms

State laws vary from state to state and, it’s important to understand the specific gun laws associated with the area you’re traveling to, as well as the areas you’re traveling through. You may very well be permitted to move firearms from one home to another, but the state may require specific steps to do so. Other states you’re traveling through may have gun restrictions that you aren’t used to, and something as simple as spending a night in a state where one of your guns is not allowed could result in you breaking the law.

So, to avoid breaking the law and any discrepancies involved with the move, be well-versed in the gun laws and transportation restrictions of each state you’re traveling through.

Know The Gun Laws in The State You’re Moving To

When moving across state lines, it’s crucial to know the gun laws of the state you’re moving to. Some states have stricter gun laws than others, some of which may restrict the types of guns you can own in your new home state or the way in which they must be stored upon arrival. Additionally, some states may require that you own or renew specific permits to own a gun in the area legally, and others may require that you have your permits on you at all times throughout the moving process.

Interstate Transport Allows For Firearm Transportation

Generally speaking, you can transport firearms across state lines without a permit as long as the firearms and unloaded and not readily accessible. This rule falls under the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, but it does have restrictions on who can transport firearms. For example, individuals who have been dishonorably discharged from the military, who have been convicted of domestic violence, have a restraining order against them, have ‘mental defectives,’ who have renounced U.S. citizenship or have been indicted of a felony cannot transport firearms.

Moving Companies Cannot Move Ammunition

The law states that professional moving companies can transport firearms. However, they are not permitted to transport ammo. So, it’s absolutely imperative that you ensure no ammunition is being packed into your moving boxes that will be transported via a moving company.

You Cannot Take Firearms in your Carry-on Luggage

If your relocation requires you to take a flight, it’s absolutely imperative that you never pack firearms or ammo in your carry-on luggage. Depending on the airline you’re traveling with, you may be able to transport them in checked baggage. However, it’s highly recommended that you consult with the Transportation Security Administration well before moving date.

The most critical step to moving with your firearms is to be thoroughly knowledgeable in the gun laws that pertain to all the states you’ll be traveling through. It’s highly recommended to do so well before moving day to ensure you have ample time to get any required documents collected and to make alternative transportation arrangements if needed.