What you need to know about moving

What you need to know about moving

Moving can be among the most stressful experiences in life, particularly if it is not handled in the correct manner.  The good news is that relocation can be made a fairly smooth and relatively painless experience by following a few simple and sensible tips.

One of the most important things to do is to hire a professional moving company with an established and verifiable track record.  Be wary of moving companies that you have not heard of but that pop up high in Google rankings, as some scam artists have figured out ways to manipulate the system.  Priority placement online does not necessarily equate to the moving company being one of the best; therefore, make sure that you have done more research than just one random search.

It is crucial that the moving company sends a representative to your home to properly evaluate everything that is going to need to be transported during the move.  Estimates that are provided over the phone or online without anyone from the moving company having seen your home should be regarded as highly dubious at best.

You also need to make sure that the estimate provided by the moving company is a binding one.  A binding contract guarantees that the company will not be able to charge you more than 10% over the initial estimate and even this can only be done in special circumstances, such as additional shuttle services or items that need to be moved that were initially unanticipated.  These are general statements and the applicable rules that apply to your upcoming move may differ depending on the type of move you have as well as where you will be moving from/to.