What to watch on day four of the Olympics

What to watch on day four of the Olympics

Most of us have to work during the day, which would mean we are behind in our Olympic Games.  We can catch up with the news online, reading up on who won gold, but this takes away from the fun.  If you are still behind and want to see what happened on day four, consider checking out the online streams.  Of course, you might have a DVR taping everything so that you can get back in the groove.

Michael Phelps is definitely a huge topic as always.  Ryan Lochte winning the gold in the 400 IM was good news, but most people are still concentrating on whether Phelps will do what no other Olympian has done in any sport.  Now it is not a matter of whether he gets gold medals, but how many medals he can rack up.  A gymnast several decades ago managed to win 18 career gold medals at the Olympics.

Phelps just needs to earn 19 to beat this record, which is held by Larisa Latynina, a Soviet gymnast.  If Phelps’ qualifying round on Monday night is any indication, he will definitely make 19 medals.  He earned a bronze with the Men’s Relay, so he is definitely one step closer.  It would also be a feat for him to win gold on Tuesday for his 200 Butterfly.  This would mean three gold medals in one event over three Olympics, which would be another record.

Phelps is certainly one to watch, but the women’s gymnastics on Tuesday evening is also something to watch.  Can the US pull off a gold medal?